Solutions for a safe and healthy work environment


As a result of our close collaboration with dermatologists, health centers and occupational safety consultants, over the years we have created a range of products that are highly effective and meet skin protection standards.

Plum A/S is a Danish family business. Our roots go back to the 1860s. We have been dealing with efficient and user-friendly solutions for industrial hand hygiene for more than 40 years. We have also been operating in the field of first aid solutions for more than 15 years, with the aim of making the work environment safer with our products. We serve a wide range of users from manufacturers in all industries as well as other institutions.

Of course, serving customers and partners comes first, but quality and environmental protection are also a high priority for us. Our quality assurance system is a guarantee for our customers. We are also ISO 14001 certified.

Skin protection and first aid at work

We have been manufacturing high quality skin care creams, hand cleansers, soaps and dispensing systems for almost 40 years for the entire business world. Our most important task is to meet the needs with gentle, effective products in the field of hand cleaning and care, thus ensuring healthy hand skin in the workplace. We are market leaders in the Scandinavian countries. Our products have been used successfully for years by people working in commerce and industry.

In recent years, we have continuously developed our expertise and created products that can offer optimal hand hygiene solutions for the food industry, hospitals, institutions and other organizations for hand washing and showering as well. One of our Új hand cleaning products is also the most modern general or strong cleansing wipes that cleans without the use of water, which has the huge advantage in terms of efficiency, that it does not harm the hand, because it is equipped with a hand protection additive. In the field of hand protection, plaster dispensers are the link between first aid and everyday products. A modern, fast, economical solution for minor accidents at work. A portable version is also available. This product is also attached in the form of a stand-alone brochure.

Currently, we can offer the largest selection of eyewash solutions in the world, providing fast first aid in the case of an accident at work. Thus, we offer an opportunity for companies to optimize safety in the workplace. Our solutions are efficient, flexible, hygienic and, last but not least, quick to use. We offer solutions that can be adapted to different areas and needs. They can be placed close to workplaces – typically where dust, dirt and exposure to harmful substances can occur. In the event of an eye accident, a quick and effective eye wash is crucial to the extent of the damage!

Our mission and vision

Production of soft, yet effective hand hygiene products for the workplace that meet your needs Production of safe, effective first aid eyewashes that meet your expectations Use our core competencies to develop, manufacture and sell quality products in a business-like manner. Let our company name and logo be synonymous with healthy, clean hands and eyes, high safety and quality, and innovation and reliability.

Quality assurance and environmental protection

Quality assurance is one of our most important activities. We have formulated the Quality and Environmental Handbook to define structures and document the work processes and procedures at Plum Company that directly or indirectly define the foundations of our success: Premium products and satisfied customers!

The Quality and Environmental Handbook pursues these objectives:

  • Description of the quality and environmental management of Plum Company
  • Defining tasks and resources for processes that affect quality and the environment
  • Define goals, rules, and planning, and describe the leadership steps required to implement them
  • Ensure continuous quality improvement and environmental protection and learn from mistakes through analysis and then perform corrected tasks
  • Meet both customer needs and legislation

The quality management system forms the basis of Plum Company to meet the following requirements:

  • ISO 22716, Good Manufacturing Practice GMP (guideline for “good manufacturing experience”)
  • ISO 13485, Medical products – Quality management system – Requirements for regulation
  • ISO 9001, quality management standard – quality management requirements + ISO 14001, environmental certificate – instructions for use

The swan label

The swan label is the highest Scandinavian standard trademark that can be awarded to products that meet strict environmental standards, such as raw material, processing, functionality, packaging, use, and product shipping and packaging.

The following products have been awarded the swan label:

  • Plum Soft – a soft cream soap free of dyes, fragrances and preservatives
  • Nature – soft cream soap free of dyes and fragrances
  • Nature Hair & Body – dye-free, lightly perfumed, soft soap for body and hair
  • Fresh – dye-free, lightly perfumed soft cream soap
  • Mild – dye- and fragrance-free, extra soft soap

We are active members:

  • SPT: Trade organization of companies supplying soap, perfume and toiletries. As a member, we work with the legislature on production standards for cosmetics. The collaboration has a big impact on our experience and production.
  • BHV: German registered association for skin protection
  • BPA: As a member, we work to optimize and fix workplace safety standards.