Shipping and Payment Terms

  1. Following the sending of the order the Client shall receive an e-mail from the Service Provider, in which the Client may choose a payment method and provide the address of delivery.
  2. Following payment, Service Provider shall send an e-mail for the Client, which includes the verification of the order, the delivery date and the invoice. The Service Provider may deliver the ordered product for an exact date on the Clients separate claim.
  3. The Service Provider is obliged to deliver the ordered goods within the delivery time specified in the confirmation e-mail by Plum Magyaroszág Kft. Following the order, the delivery time starts the day after the full payment of the purchase price. A different case is the conditions included in an individual contract for our partners. Transport is carried out using a shipping company, exceptionally with its own means of transport. The Service Provider is not able to undertake delivery to a specific time (hour), unless the parties agree otherwise in writing.
  4. If a Client has an expired, unpaid invoice, the Service Provider may suspend the service until it is payed, or the purchase price of the Új order may be included in the previous debt. The Client is obliged to pay statutory default interest valid on the first day of the calendar half-year affected by the delay from the date of the delay. All costs arising from the collection of debts shall be borne by the Client.
  5. The Client shall examine the ordered product at the time of the delivery and sign the dated receipt. Subsequently, the Service Provider may not accept any complaint. In case that the Clients recognizes any failure at the time of the delivery, the employee of the courier shall instantly make a record of this fact.
  6. The Client is obliged to pay the value of his order in advance by bank transfer or credit card payment after the confirmation of the order or the acceptance of the offer by the Client. Bank transfer payment is only possible for contracted partners until the date specified in the individual contract. The Service Provider reserves the right to change the delivery fee provided that the change takes effect simultaneously with its appearance on the Website. The amendment does not affect the purchase price of products already ordered.
  7. This requirement shall be applied to any order done by e-mail, phone, on website or in person.
  8. We cannot be held responsible for delivery errors due to unavoidable and unforeseeable external reasons (force majeure), but we will provide all possible assistance to our Clients.
  9. We reserve the ownership of the delivered goods and products until the full payment of the purchase price.
  10. Delivery fee based on “Weight Based Shipping”:
Gross weight (kg)Net fee (EUR)
0-1 kg2.43
1-3 kg2.49
3-5 kg2.68
5-10 kg3.44
10-15 kg3.82
15-20 kg4.20
20-25 kg4.59
25-30 kg4.97
30-40 kg5.54
40-50 kg6.87
50-60 kg7.64
60-70 kg11.45
70-80 kg15.27
80-90 kg19.09
90-100 kg22.90
100-110 kg24.81
110-120 kg26.70
120-130 kg28.63
130-140 kg30.54
140-150 kg34.35

E-toll cost + 40%.

  1. The delivery fee can be selected in the webshop on the form before sending the order (mandatory), and will always be displayed in the details of the order as well as in the electronic confirmation of the order.
  2. In case of a net order over EUR 275,00 in the webshop, the shipping fee is free!